That Time A Millionaire Visited My store

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A Millionaire visited my store last week for the first time inquiring about some art! He said he watched me put the store together about a year or so ago and he finally  had the chance to stopped in to see what I was all about. Lol How did I know he was a millionaire? His business card smelled like money! lol On a serious note though, I love it how people have organically stumbled upon the store being that I've done little or no marketing what so ever. From the look on their faces, they seemed to have found a secret stash of gold that no one knows about. I love it. It's truly an unforgetting experience encountering with new faces everytime. It has been a steady grind being the new guy in the area, but its well worth it, I've learn alot that I am going to apply in the next ouple of months to engage more with the community. Time to invest some funds in some traditional marketing to get the doors swinging.  By the way. we are officially on google map street view. Check it out here

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